About Us

Who is behind Lifedeal.com.au ?

Lifedeal is really proud to be a 100% Australian website with our head office in Melbourne, VIC. Our goal is to help Australian consumers get the right life insurance quote in Australia.  All insurance quotes provided by Lifebroker Pty Ltd. – AFSL 400209.  Internet marketing powered by Plexus Online.

Any insurance products listed on this sites are offered by their respective owners and AFSL holders. We STROGLY !!!! recommend that you seek the advice of your own financial adviser or insurance broker before making a decision on a product solely on the information you obtain from this website. Lifedeal.com.au – is the marketing website.

Mission Statement

To blend internet marketing with quality life insurance products from and services top insurers at affordable prices to provide the best life insurance value for Australian consumers.

How to contact us ?

Email is the best way to contact us –  info@lifedeal.com.au. We appreciate and respect your questions and comments and would like to answer them all individually.

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