Life insurance for landscapers

The last thing you probably want to think about is your own death but if you have financial commitments, such as a mortgage, or you have a family that depends on your income then you need to consider what will happen should you die. This is particularly important if you’re self-employed as your family won’t be entitled to any of the benefits that they might get if you were an employee.

Life insurance policies can be bought from dedicated insurance companies or general insurance companies so you need to research your options before buying. Dedicated life insurance companies will probably offer a wider range of policy options but this doesn’t mean they necessarily have the best policy for your needs. You need to consider what exactly your family would need to continue living as they do now but without the worry of paying things like the mortgage, loans, car finance, credit cards etc.

As a landscaper working with potentially dangerous machinery you might find the premiums on a life insurance policy are higher than if you worked in an office or somewhere similar. You may need to compromise on how much you want your policy to be worth if you can only afford to pay so much in premiums, or alternatively look around for a policy that doesn’t include unnecessary extras.

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