Other Insurance

Mortgage protection

Mortgage protection is a type of financial product offered by insurers in Australia. This type of cover protects families in Australia when they cannot pay mortgages and need help to settle their mortgages. Depending on the type of cover selected, the policy holder may be protected against disability, loss of life, loss of income or critical illnesses.

This means that, if the policy holder is disabled, loses his job involuntarily, is suffering due to a terminal illness, then the insurer will settle his mortgage payments for him. If the policy holder passes away then the insurer will settle the mortgage after the policy holder is no more, this ensures that the family doesn’t have to worry about debts the policyholder is taken while he was alive.

Key person insurance

Key person or key man insurance is a type of business insurance plan that protects both mall businesses and large companies when certain crucial employees cannot continue their designated work due to reasons such as illness, disability, loss of job or death.


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