The Power of Thinking Positively

There is a reason why there are sayings such as, the glass is half full and why do you think the worst will happen. There is also a reason why there are sayings such as; every cloud has a silver lining. While these statements have been repeated time and over again, there is a lot of truth behind them. By swapping our negative thoughts for positive ones, we can make a lot of changes which can positively affect both our health and our lives.


Most of us, state the negative, focus on what has gone wrong, and fixate on our weaknesses. This usually happens when things are not going as planned and when there are upsets in life. Negative thoughts are sneaky and they often enter our minds before we realize it; these thoughts have a quick but powerful impact on our psyche.


A thought is always followed by a strong emotion. Emotions are always followed by a corresponding behaviour. Women experience this often and know about this. Most men realize this only on good days; but at times forget to notice the emotion before the behaviour. Hence it is especially important to realize your thoughts and understand what they lead to, before any damage is done.


For instance, when you are faced with a problem at work, instead of seeing it as a threat you should consider it as a challenge and work towards overcoming this challenge. Thinking about the rewards to completing the challenge successfully can also help you think positively. If you end up thinking of the problem as a threat then more often than not, you end up stressed, anxious which can in turn affect your performance at work.

Positive Enhancing Thoughts are a must for everybody, since PETs help us evoke a positive emotion. These positive emotions are related and have been linked to better health and a longer life span. This is according to scientific studies, but people who believe and practice positive thoughts have noticed this effect. Automatic Negative Thoughts also known as ANTs, have been linked to an increased risk of physical health issues and increased insulin levels along with triglycerides in the body. Poor energy, mental stress, hypertension and heart disease along with stroke are other risk associated with ANTs.

By attempting to change and by understand our thought process we can successfully manage to increase our likely hood of a positive outlook on our life. An important part of this process is to understand and realize what your negative thoughts are.  The next step is to create a different reality and leave the negative thoughts far away from our true reality. What if, maybe, but and other doubting thoughts should be left in this alternate reality; whereas, I can, I will and I should; be the center point of our lives.

The only way to transform negative thoughts into positive ones is to start doing this right away. You may be surprised and astonished when you notice that you have a lot of negative thoughts; but will definitely be pleased and notice the benefits of positive thinking once your thought process changes. Practice this on a daily basis and don’t let the negative thoughts sneak up on you, be aware of how you think and while this may take a while, after a while you will realize that positive thinking is the only way to go.

Remember; stress is basically a body’s reaction to negative thoughts. However; stressors are not usually the problem they are only the reaction of negative thoughts and stress. By replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones, you can enjoy better health and a more fruitful life.

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