Trauma Insurance vs Health Insurance

A health insurance is a policy that covers the medical expenses in case of general and some critical illness while trauma insurance as a stand alone policy covers the hospital expenses and rehabilitation costs for most of the life threatening medical conditions. It is simply not sufficient to get life insurance or a health insurance from a leading insurance agent as this will not provide adequate financial protection to you and your family in case of critical conditions or illness like cancer, heart attack, or brain stroke or others.

Trauma insurance is a must for those who want to get adequate protection from critical illness or accidental injuries.  With the skyrocketing prices of medical costs and hospital stays it is always in one’s best interest to get Trauma insurance as a separate policy cover.

Reasons for getting Trauma Insurance apart from Health Cover

The skyrocketing prices of specialized treatments cost for critical illness or life threatening medical conditions as well as the expenses of stays in hospitals added with the loss of income due to inability to work may throw your financial budget out of gear. It will put a great financial burden and you and your family may fall trapped in an undesired debt burden.

Rehabilitation costs following the operation are not covered under Health insurance. Likewise your health insurance may also not cover the cost of medical equipment, therapy and nursing services.

In case of physical disability either temporary or permanent one where one is likely to lose one’s job or remain unemployed for a long period of time, one may not get any respite through one’s heath insurance. Hence it is always in one’s best interest to get suitable trauma insurance that will ensure comprehensive financial protection as well as an assured peace of mind.

How to get the most suitable health Insurance in your city in Australia

In Australia one can either avail government funded health Insurance known as Medicare or private health insurance policies.

Medicare has been designed in order to provide the most affordable health care to all citizens of Australia. Getting the suitable Medicare allows you to get free treatment in public or government hospitals and medicines in them at subsidized rates. Besides this one can also get treatment by private doctors at a subsidized rate.

Thus with Medicare an Australian can easily get the basic level of medical care and treatment from government or private hospitals. However Medicare does not cover the ambulance costs as well as the hospital stays, fee of operation theatre, cosmetic surgery & any kind of psychology services.

Besides the government funded Medicare one can also opt for private health insurance policy that offers a wider range of facilities than the former.

One can select and get the tailor made Private health insurance policy that will meet one’s insurance needs in a customized and comprehensive way. However the policy and its features differ from one health insurance service provider to the other.  Private health insurance policy usually covers the following:

Hospital cost: This includes the cost of following services

  • Fees of the medical health professional: One can get the 75% of doctor’s fees repaid by Medicare, while private health insurance policy would cover the rest 25 percent expenses.
  • Accommodation cost
  • Operation Theatre fees
  • Will also cover the cost of medical test through pathology labs in the hospital
  • Medicines cost that have been taken during hospital stays.

Differences between Trauma Insurance and Health Insurance

Trauma insurance can be complimentary to your health insurance and in no way should be understood as an alternative to health insurance. This insurance cover can cover the cost of those that are not covered by the health insurance policy thereby providing comprehensive coverage and assurance.

So make it a point to get the suitable health insurance as well as trauma insurance from a leading insurance company to get complete coverage and benefits.

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