Benefits of Trauma Insurance

  • Trauma protection plans are known to protect the policy holder financially and prevent him from going bankrupt if he is diagnosed with a critical illness and needs medical care. These plans can make sure that if something is medically wrong with you, then you can ether stay comfortable if you have a short time to live; or you can have enough money to pay bills, repay loans, mortgages and get yourself back on your feet if you are a survivor. Policy holders that have only a little time left can leave behind a small or large part of the compensation amount for their family and if the policy also offers a death benefit then the policy holder can be sure that his family will be taken care of by the insurer when he passes away. The compensation payout received when the policy holder passes away can be used for funeral expenses, daily expenses or can be kept for a rainy day.
  • Most people do not understand the importance of trauma protection covers since they are unaware of the complimentary benefits of these plans. Critical illness plans are an investment towards one’s future and these plans help people to remain assured that when they need help, they will be backed up by the insurer of their choice. Purchasing a plan from a reputed insurer also means that there is a higher chance of your claim being accepted and you getting the compensation payout if you meet the eligibility rules.
  • Insurers understand that buyers who have been diagnosed with critical illnesses; may find it hard to file claims through traditional channels; hence policy holders are given two easy claim filing options. The first option is to file the claim via the phone and email, fax or snail mail the required proofs or documents to the insurer. The second option is to file the claim via the insurer’s website and email, fax or snail mail the required proofs or documents to the insurer. Both buyers and policy holders can call or email the insurer at any time regarding claim related questions before filing a claim, some insurers may even provide free insurance advice to buyers with questions regarding the purchasing process and the claims filing process.
  • Blood tests, medical tests, physical examinations and filling out length questionaries trouble most people which in turn causes them to avoid purchasing an insurance plan until it’s too late. Most insurers in Australia do not ask applicants to fill out length questionnaires or take a series of painful and expensive medical tests to get insurance plans. If at all a blood test or medical examination is required then the insurer pays for it. Medical examinations and blood tests are required only if the insurer feels that the applicant is a high risk buyer, if the buyer has pre-existing health problems or if the applicant is purchasing a cover with a considerably high limit. Most insurers do not ask applicants to take more than 1 simple medical examination that is conducted by a general practitioner and fill out 1 questionnaire with a few basic questions regarding their medical history.


 Benefits of purchasing trauma insurance online

  • Purchasing trauma protection plans online is an easy task and can be done by just about anyone who has basic computer knowledge and who meets the eligibility criteria. To purchase trauma protection plans online, the buyer has to do two important things before he purchases a plan; understand his current needs and understand the basic rules of trauma insurance plans.
  • If the buyer is interested to purchase an affordable plan that has flexible rules then he can easily do so by visiting an insurer’s website or visiting an insurance agent’s website such as an insurance comparison website. By visiting an insurance comparison website, the buyer can not only ask for 2 or more quotes from different insurers offer plans with competitive pricing. By doing this, the buyer will be able to get the best policy with affordable premium payment options and the least restrictive terms.
  • Comparing plans is not as hard as it is believed to be, especially if the buyer is using the free services of an insurance comparison website that is especially designed to help buyers compare policies. To compare plans, the buyer has to choose multiple plans, check the benefits he wants and then purchase the plan he finds most suitable.
  • Purchasing plans online and paying premiums online can help buyers save a tidy amount of money on premiums. Both insurers and insurance comparison websites offer web deals for buyers who want to purchase new policies or for policy holders who want to pay premiums online.
  • A list of frequently asked questions, articles and other resources are available online on various websites and these sources of information make the process of buying a trauma protection plan much easier. If the insurer or insurance agent that is selected by the buyer offers a real time chat option, then buyers can clarify doubts about the policy while he is choosing the policy; this is another benefit for buyers who are pressed for time.
  • Buyers can not only choose the plan they want but also the premium payment plan, additional benefits if applicable, add on covers and a range of other benefits through the click of a button.


Benefits of purchasing trauma insurance via the phone

  • Some people prefer talking to an insurance representative before they purchase a policy since this allows them to ask questions and get rid of any insurance related doubts they may have. Talking to an insurance representative via the phone allows the buyer to do this, however asking many questions can be a time consuming process especially if you are put on hold.
  • Making payments via the phone is preferred by buyers who do not believe that online purchases are safe; however it should be noted that most websites especially insurance websites use encrypted pages that are absolutely safe to process payments.



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